We've had the privilege of playing at literally hundreds of various special occasions so have learned a thing of two about how to ensure that you and your guests have an incredible time. So here's a few questions that we regularly get and what we recommend from our experience:


What are the best timings?

Although every wedding is different we prefer not to do certain things such as playing during the buffet and it's important for the evening to flow perfectly. Typical timings that we really like are as follows:

6pm - Band arrive and setup

7pm - Evening guests arrive

8pm - First dance/cake cutting

8pm - First band set

9pm - Buffet

10pm - Second band set

11pm - DJ til midnight


Can I pick the bands playlist?

We're more than happy for you to pick which songs from our repertoire are played, but we do prefer to play a set we know works really well and will keep the dance floor full all night. It's usually best if you pick songs you definitely do or don't want and we'll do the rest.


Will you learn our first dance?

Yes we would love to! Let us know what your first dance song is and we'll have a look at it. Sadly, due to the volume of work that we have from April through to the end of October, we do not get time to practice as a band in this period so generally the song will be performed solo on acoustic guitar.


Can I see you play live?

Absolutely! Have a look at our gig list and pop down and make sure you say 'Hello'!


How do I book you?

Go to our "Contact" page and send us an email. Rob will then check availability and get back to you as soon as possible.


How long do you play for?

We usually do 2x45 minute sets (plus encore). If we're really enjoying ourselves we generally play for over an hour in our second set...No extra charge! :)


Do you have lights?

Yes we do! We have a full professional lighting rig; including disco lights and uplighting for the stage area. All of this is included in our packages and we can offer extra uplighting for the rest of the room and a range of LED props (5ft LOVE, Rustic Star, Love Heart, 4ft glitter LOVE etc), which you can find in our "Extras" area.


What time do you start and finish?

For most private functions we arrive at 6pm and finish DJ'ing at midnight. 


How long do you take to setup?

We usually take 45 minutes (max) to setup and sound check. This is assuming access to the stage area isn't complicated.


Does the band have PLI and PAT certificates?

Yes we do! Just ask and we can email them over to you or your venue on enquiry.


What is the band's power requirement?

We usually ask for 2 double 13 amp supplies near the stage area. All our lighting is LED and keeps our power consumption down. If you have a marquee, make sure there will be enough generator capacity for the whole marquee, as we have experienced problems with this in the past.


Does the band have any outrageous demands?

We just ask that you and your guests are up for a fantastic night of dancing, singing and fun! We don't expect free drinks, a changing room or food, but if you're lovely enough to offer these they would be gratefully received.


How loud are the band?

We can be as loud or quiet as you and your venue need us to be. If there is a DB limiter in your venue, do not fear! We frequently work with these and we will soundcheck beforehand to ensure everything runs smoothly.