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With over 7 years experience of playing together, The Burgundys are a close knit group of experienced and talented musicians who com together to create an incredible sound and fun atmosphere for your special occasion.

The Burgundys – Rob.jpg


Front man, guitarist & vocalist

Born and raised in Long Eaton (The Hood) and specialising in his knowledge of cricket and beer. Rob is the proud father of daughter Betsy and Dave the dog. Now living in Sandiacre, he enjoys watching sport, family walks and playing practical jokes on his long suffering wife Dani. 

The Burgundys – Rich Hewitt


Drummer & Cajonist

A drummer, percussionist and part time inventor from Sandacre, Nottingham. Rich has been playing the Cajon (drum box) in the Burgundys since 2010. He also enjoys Mexican food, running and tapping on everything!

Burgundys meet the band - Rick


Bassist & backing vocalist

How and why his passion for music started, simple, hearing "I am the walrus" when I was 12, Eureka! Endorsee of Burns guitars and instruments (Thanks Barry). Favourite snack, cheese on toast with Marmite "gotta love the Marmite". Enjoy, going Glamping with my family pure "Rock n Roll"

The Burgundys – Rolland.jpg


Guitarist, bassist & backing vocalist

Roland is a performer and teacher of music. Since early childhood he's had the privilege of connecting with countless numbers of people from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life through a shared love of music. This journey has taken him all over the world. It's been challenging, exhilarating and given him memories he'll treasure for the rest of his life.  His influences range from Beethoven to The Beatles. He loves to play piano, guitar, bass (and sqaush!) He also love to sing. Roland's favourite places are Japan & the sofa. He enjoys the odd whiskey or beer but will never say no to a cup of tea! (Rock n Roll habits die hard I guess!) 

Josh crop.jpg


Guistarist, Vocalist & Pianist

Josh is a musician, songwriter and composer from Nottingham, UK. Josh started playing piano at the age of 4 mostly due to boredom (Blue Peter isn't for everyone) and has since added guitar, drums, flute and violin to that last. He can be kept quiet with pizza and wine for a while until he finds an instrument to butcher a song or two on. Josh has recently starred in new TV pilot 'HOOD', a new dystopian twist on the Robin Hood story.

Drew 4.jpg



Originally a drummer, but has now been promoted to playing a glorified tea chest (Cajon), a foot tambourine, a homemade, foot operated, bed spring mounted shaker and occasional backing vocals. He's a curry monster, loves eating pizza and theres a special place in his heart for custard creams dunked in coffee. Drew currently resides in Eastwood which involves a lot of DIY, as he's far too tight to hire someone in. In his spare time he likes to play badminton, the sport of champions, attempts to play football and tries not to crash while cycling.


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